Mono-Rail Tracks

RS mono-rails are designed to make them as inconspicuous as possible keeping in mind the stringent safety requirements demanded by the applicable safety standards.

These rails are typically smaller in size than the run-of-the-mill imported aluminium extruded sections and is designed by registered professional engineers to withstand mandatory minimum loads. 

Note that there is a significant difference in the design loads between rope access and suspended platform usage – Rope access loads are stipulated in SANS 22846-2 whereas suspended platforms / boatswain’s chairs are determined in accordance with SANS 51808.

The visibility of these circular hollow sections is significantly less than the aluminium extruded rails and has the added benefit of being able to follow the shape of the building. These rails can be rolled with tight corner radii – as small as 500mm. These rails can also be rolled to a larger radius to suit the curved shape of modern building facades. There is no need for unsightly segmented rails protruding from the building facade with varying gaps.


Rigid horizontal anchor rail as per SANS 50795 – Class D or as mono-rails complying to SANS 51808 – Suspended Access Equipment. Supports designed in accordance with Section 


  • Smaller than imported extruded aluminium equivalents
  • Fitting the shape of the building façade – tight corner radius
  •  Can be used for façade cleaning and for glass replacement purposes
  • Suitable for rope access activities or suspended platforms or boatswain’s chair work, resulting in a very high cleaning efficiency as compared to static anchors
  • Supporting brackets tailor-made to suit the client’s aesthetic requirements
  • Bracket spacings can be designed to suit the curtain wall module width
  • Either galvanised or stainless-steel finish available



Rosebank Fire Station Mono-Rail tracks