What We Offer

We have a large variety of Fall Protection systems, including but not limited to, Rope Access/Fall Arrest Anchors, Mono-rail Tracks, Suspended Access Solutions, Static Davit and Sockets, Fall Prevention Systems, Aluminium Towers and all the required training for Work at Heights. 

Rope Access/Fall Arrest Anchors

RS Anchor Device is an engineered solution, aesthetically pleasing, made from 6mm thick stainless steel, anchored to concrete building structures via stainless steel chemically bonded anchors. 

Mono-Rail Tracks

RS Mono-Rails are designed to make them as inconspicuous as possible keeping in mind the stringent safety requirements demanded by the applicable safety standards.

Suspended Access Solutions

Suspended access equipment can be divided into  3 different equipment types: Temporary Suspended Platforms (commonly referred to as a Skyjack, TSP or gondola), Building Maintenance Units (also known as BMU’s or gondolas) and lastly Boatswain’s chairs.

Static Davit and Socket

Davits are removable and transportable arms designed to suit the intended usage. From light-weight applications for boatswain’s chairs through to rope access and up to suspended platforms.

Fall Prevention Safety Systems

Fall Arrest and Fall Prevention is of major importance for all person working at height and is covered by a slew of safety standards internationally as well as in South Africa.

Aluminium Scaffolding

Aluminium Towers are the ideal light weight and mobile solution for short duration work. Due to the modular construction these can be erected inside buildings, giving hands-on access of up to 12m in height. The towers are designed in accordance with the South African National Standard SANS 51004.