Rope Access / Fall Arrest Anchors

RS Anchor Device is an engineered solution, aesthetically pleasing, made from 6mm thick stainless steel, anchored to concrete building structures via stainless steel chemically bonded anchors. These units are designed to safely withstand normal working loads and are tested to 6,0kN as specified in SANS 50795. Individual anchor devices are tagged to indicate direction of applied force, test date and manufacturer contact details.

The device can be installed in a vertical, horizontal or on a sloping surface. The anchor device can also be bolted to suitable structural steel building elements. All anchors placed in concrete substrate are to be installed and load tested by certified anchor installers. For fixings into steelwork, the design and installation procedures should be verified by a qualified engineer.

Usage: Single point anchor as per SANS 50795 – Class A1 for:

Fall Arrest, Rope Access and/or fall prevention with a full body harness (SANS 50361), Lanyard (SANS 50354) and energy absorber (SANS 50355) where applicable. These devices are ideally suited as aiding anchors to allow access to recessed mono-rails or static anchors. The allowed direction of applied force is clearly marked on the device. Cross loading or reverse loading is NOT permitted. 


  • Single point anchors can be placed at any logical position to allow for use by trained work at height technicians
  • Low initial cost
  • Can be installed into cracked or uncracked concrete
  • Can be in-situ fitted to existing buildings
  • Small or unobstrusive
  • Made from rust-resistant stainless steel