Work at Height Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Work at Height Solutions (Pty) Ltd. was created to link its products and services to the work environment where the risk of falling is ever present. It’s name is easily recognisable as a brand specialising in fall protection equipment and systems. The company offers a broad range of products used exclusively in this market and prides itself as an engineering specialist for purpose-built equipment. Its parent company has an excellent pedigree of operating in this demanding field for half a century having been founded in 1970 and Work at Height Solutions (Pty) Ltd. will continue to serve the market in the proud tradition of its parent company.

Work at Height Solutions (Pty) Ltd. is not selling foreign devices out of glossy, foreign brochures with fancy sounding names and impressive looking “quality” marks, but rather home grown products that are benchmarked against best-of-class international equivalants. 

Through us, our clients have access to locally produced products that are backed by half a century of experience which stands unrivalled in the entire South African region.

We aim to make the Work at Height industry a safer workplace for all.


"Best in the industry"
- Nedbank
"Our organization has been very pleased with WAHS's flexibility, technical expertise and outstanding customer service."
- ABC Services

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